Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Zoom PAL Meet-Up 7/7/22

The purpose of the PAL (Published and Listed) Meet-Up was to discuss programming ideas, resources, and tools for PAL members (members who have been traditionally published).

PAL Members Suggestions, Ideas, and Advice

Agent and Editor Workshops Geared Toward Published Authors

  • • Find out what editors are looking for
  • • Get feedback on manuscripts
  • • Make networking connections
  • • Have more opportunities to submit

Book Reviews

  • • Get reviews on Goodreads. Reach out to reviewers of similar books to your own.
  • • Exchange Reviews with Other Authors – Create a PAL Network.
  • • Find bloggers who review books similar to yours. Use Google to find them.
  • • Many publishers provide a link for reviewers to access your book on or Edelweiss.
  • • Be careful providing a PDF of your book because people could share it.
  • • You can ask for an honest review. However, you cannot ask for a good review.


  • • Authors typically must do a lot of their own marketing. Hold a workshop on marketing. SCBWI PAL School and Book signing events
  • • Book Signing Events for PAL members where authors sign and sell books under the SCBWI Long Island banner.
  • • Create a “Read Local” brochure of published books by SCBWI local members to mail out to schools, PTA, and bookstores.

Information Provided by SCBWI LI:

  • • Form organized committees to reach out to libraries, schools, booksellers, students, PTA, teachers, and translators to help get PAL members’ books to children and teens. To join and volunteer PAL programming committee, please contact Roberta M. Rivera, RA, at
  • • Find volunteer PAL members to support other PAL members via social media and reviews.
  • • Arrange for another PAL Meet-up in the fall.
  • • Follow up with BOCES in Nassau and Suffolk Counties to find out about programs for school presenters.
  • • Follow up with B&N to determine their process for acquiring local books.