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“Introduction to Procreate” Presented by Stephen Ingram – Notes 1/31/23

Stephen Ingram introduced and demonstrated of one of the best art apps for the iPad: Procreate.


  • • Costs about $10.00 to own on your iPad, and updates are free for the foreseeable future
  • • Works on phones
  • • Offers multiple ways of doing the same action
  • • Can be used without a stylus, but you will be limited
  • • Is best used with an Apple Pencil, so buy one when you purchase the app

File Creation and Handling

  • • Work/files are stored in “the Gallery”
  • • Can organize work in stacks
  • • Options for sharing Procreate files include PSD (Photoshop), jpeg, pdf, and tiff
  • • Files can be imported to the Cloud or USB drive or emailed

Left Side of Menu Bar

  • • Actions: Contains preferences, gesture controls, and Help, which contains the video “Get Started with Procreate.”
  • • Adjustments: Contains the selection tool and transform tool. There are multiple ways of doing the same action. Use 2 fingers to pinch and zoom, pull apart, and rotate. Two-finger tap is “undo,” 3-finger tap is “redo.”

Right Side of Menu Bar

  • • Brushes: Shows how to import, modify, and download brushes. Also includes tips for organizing brushes. Duplicate the brush a few times so you save the original and can play with the duplicates.
  • • Smudge tool and erase tool (the user can control which brush erases or smudges)
  • • Layers: Pioneered by Photoshop. You can develop detailed art piece by piece using layers. A great tip is to put your notes, what colors and brushes you used, on one layer:
  • • Color palette: The color palette can become small and moveable as you paint, among its many other features.

These are the basics. Stephen recommends watching the video offered on Procreate under “Help,” as well as videos on Domestika and YouTube. Instagram is a great resource for Procreate art and tips.