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Zoom Presentation – How to Keep Your Career Afloat with Agent Nicole Tugeau Part Two

Date(s) - 05/25/2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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How to Keep Your Career Afloat: Staying on Trend without Sacrificing Your Style

This is 90 minute presentation starts with a brief introduction and ends with an open Q&A. It’s geared toward the career illustrators who have years and clients under their belt. Nicole talk about the state of the current market including statistics and observations and move into some trends—both stylistic and corporate—we saw during the pandemic (2020) and what we’re seeing as we move out of or away from (hopefully) the pandemic (2021). After that, Nicole will speak about what it means to be ‘relevant” and ‘on-trend.’ And discuss why…and sometimes why not(!) this is important to consider. From there, she will discuss ways to “be” on-trend without chasing.

“These are tactics I use with my own artists that I will encourage artists to do on their own or in collaboration with their current agent. They include specific additions and experiments within the portfolio as well as “to do” items away from the drawing table. I’ll end by challenging artists to complete three achievable actions in the week following the presentation and then opening up for robust Q&A. The tone of this presentation is positive, supportive and always optimistic. To ensure that I’m relevant to the audience, I am open to taking questions before the event so I can weave those into the presentation.” – Nicole Tugeau

There will also be a Q&A after the presentation if Nicole haven’t answered all your questions during the presentation. The event will be recorded for all attendees and will be up for 30 days after the presentation.

Tugeau 2, Inc. is a diverse group of dedicated, timely, and enthusiastic illustrators and authors from across the United States and several countries abroad. Our focus is on children’s picture book and juvenile educational publishing. But our expertise does not stop there. T2 illustrators have collaborated on advertising campaigns, editorial features, toys, games, gifts, children’s apps, and e-books. We’re a well-versed group ready to meet your needs.


Nicole Tugeau is the agent/owner behind the T2 Team. She is ecstatic about the ever-growing agency and committed to working happily for the network of illustrators surrounding her. What she enjoys most about being an Agent is the partnership-making, the relationships and of course the success stories.  Nicole’s husband, Jeremy, is a long-time children’s illustrator. He continues to work as an artist and public school art teacher while maintaining some involvement with Tugeau 2, Inc. as a creative resource and promotional guru.

Lillian Mazeika is a junior agent at Tugeau 2 Art & Literary Agency. She is always excited to work with creators and see them bring their stories to life. When she isn’t in the office, you can find her at a flea market or reading the season’s latest graphic novels.